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Angelenın Kıyafet Dolabı Oyunu Oyna

Today cute Barbie is going to test your great creativity and fashion designer skills as she?s in a great need of a peasant dress and she couldn?t find one to fit her unique style. Ready to show off what you?ve got? Join her in getting the amazing ?Barbie?s Patchwork Peasant Dress? game started and, first of all, decide on the upper part of the dress and choose a really chic top to dress Barbie up with. You can go for a short sleeved blouse or you can choose a cute ruffled one and once the main decision was taken you can go to the next page of the game and select from a wide variety of colors and prints the ones you fancy them most. Great job, ladies! Now let?s deal with the patchwork skirt. In this new designer game you ladies can select between two different styles and between a wide variety of patterns and I?m sure that at the end, the patchwork peasant skirt will have a really cool look. Have a great time!

Angelenın Kıyafet Dolabı Oyunu Oyna

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